Friday, April 24, 2009

Judah's Glory: New site format

After 22 years of Judah's Glory, with 12 on the internet, I have finally gone to a new format. While a few pages still have a colored background, we have succumbed to the constant request for a 'white' site, so our odd little site with Jesus comforting a holocaust child/children is now in a white easy to navigate style. While I tried a variety of styles, over the years, additions became cumbersome and hard to find, so we have tried an easier format. It is not quite done yet, so please be patient! Recently also, someone got on the site quite ruinously and took off files which have been on for years, so please if a link is down or does not yield what you expect, contact me, and I will repair it as soon as possible.

A few new additions include: called "Jesus Was No Angel". Before I am tarred and feathered, please read it and you will understand. Two large groups, Mormons and JWs often teach that Jesus was the head of angels and having an angelic form, misusing the Old Testament Malak and NT angelon. Many born again Christians can be deceived by slick sophistry if they do not know the Scriptures, and this slide presentation introduces the Scriptures which negate false doctrine very clearly. Feel free to use with appropriate credit: as always, no charge.

I am redoing most of the coloring books listed to bring them into a less amateurish form but it is taking time. "Feasts' is finished and "Jesus Was Jewish" is a page or two away as is "Boast Not" and "Hebrews" and "Promise". For years we have had a coloring book called "Jesus Is" which can now be ordered by writing to in the form "Yshua Is" for Messianic congregations. May be used freely in Sunday school or even to give to children to color when they get restless during a sermon. Better than scribbling on your bulletin!

We have had two main problems driving us proverbially insane, so please include us in your prayers. The problems are interferences from some less than dear folks who think because our materials are free and not commercially 'slick' that they should be able to take over thousands of hours of work with any regard for our hard work or ownership. They need prayer also. The other group(s) are people who do not like Messianic studies or worship/materials at all, and they are people of 'dissensioned' faiths and the site has been under non stop hacking and ruin. Recently someone got in the editor and took down music and publications which had been on almost since the beginning. The music is home recorded and there is no pretense about it being for professional use: it is to show how the music goes in case anyone would like to use any of it in services or for children's groups. Also someone has continuously taken down my recent updated pages and artwork and replaced them with copies of very old pages: it is deeply troubling that they would even have those early copies, and more that years later they would be so ruinous. Those folks need prayer too.

Judah's Glory is not a national TV ministry, but I am starting to teach by audio and soon to come video, not for money but for the edification of the body of Christ. My son, daughter and myself have funded all the expenses of providing this material for free, and keeping it on the net, and have done all the work. As it comes into a higher quality through updates (still a way to go), unfortunately some folks want to take years of our hard work and study which we already made available for free, and market it, like everything else, and pocket the money after 'slicking it up'. That was what Jesus, Yshua drove out of the Temple, folks.

As believers, we are taught not to defraud one another, not to lie to one another, and to freely give as we have been 'freely given'. I don't want to hear again about how that was then, this is now, not possible , or how 'dissensioned' I am because I choose to do this amount of work for free. I have no ulterior motive except serving the Lord. As the site finally becomes more usable and more 'acceptable' over the next year or two, please remember that the work was done to heal the Church and souls and not to make a whole lot of money for other people.

In the Love of Yshua Ha Meschiach,
Elizabeth K. Best