Saturday, March 12, 2011 is offline for a short time

Due to enormous difficulties in attempts to takeover the ministry of Judah's Glory, founded in 1987, I have taken the site down for a short season to repair and restore damage done to it by hackers, and move the site.

Judah's Glory Bible Studies are still available through:

and this one as well.  Pray for the protection and truth regarding this labor intensive but homebased ministry to prevail, and for fellow Christians who at least profess the name of the Lord to be respectful toward my work and right to work.  Thanks to all who have helped make Judah's Glory a useful ministry over the years.  When I return to the net, I will have easy access downloads to Bible Studies and other materials in audio and pdf format.   I am considering also at least a weekly Bible Study in streaming video,  though i am older and less beautiful than my esteemed colleagues.  ekbest