Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Over the past two years,  there has been an attempt by a number of unkind folks to disparage my testimony in order to takeover and sell materials offered for free on Judah's Glory.   One of the worst offenses has been the very illegal effort to use my name or versions of my name or my now grown children's names in order to make it appear that they are the people mentioned on the sites.   While we are working to bring this to an end,  I wish to make very clear that I am not affiliated with the following:

A woman named "Libby Anne" who claims to be a former Christian and homeschooled child, and now is an atheist.

"Rosaria Butterfield Champagne" who has hit the Christian talk circuit and claims to be a former gay activist and english professor who 'found Christ' .

I have lived my life in all honesty and dignity with discipline:  I am 59 going on 60 and was a former college professor but have never been gay and have lived a disciplined life in the full sight of family and friends for 29 years of belief.   Many of the people who are using versions of my name are from a gay background,  and i suspect it is because of my ardent stand against the lifestyle as an aberration.  I would like to let this go and not bring it forward, but at this point I felt it essential to clear this point up that it not disparage my work.  ekbest